Electroosmotic flows & deformable membranes

Non-uniform electro-osmotic flow drives fluid–structure instability

Boyko E., Eshel R., Gat A.D. & Bercovici M. (2020)
Physical Review Letters 124, 024501 (Main_pdfSI_pdf, Link to Journal)

We demonstrate the existence of a fluid-structure instability arising from the interaction of electro-osmotic flow with an elastic substrate. Considering the case of flow within a soft fluidic chamber, we show that above a certain electric field threshold, negative gauge pressure induced by electro-osmotic flow causes the collapse of its elastic walls. We combine experiments and theoretical analysis to elucidate the underlying mechanism for instability and identify several distinct dynamic regimes. The understanding of this instability is important for the design of electrokinetic systems containing soft elements. .

see also

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