Open Positions (updated 11-Jul-2023)

We have two open positions for postdoctoral researchers or PhD students in the following research areas:


We aim to integrate principles from metamaterials science into fluid dynamics to engineer fluids with novel multistable thermodynamic properties. These novel fluids have the potential to innovate thermodynamic cycles for cooling, energy harvesting and energy storage.

Physical Neuromorphic Computing

In this area, we use fluid dynamics and electrodynamics to self-assemble physical neural networks (PPNs). These physical structures will then be leverages as computational matter, in which physical principals are leveraged to train the network.

Soft Robotics

We design, fabricate, and control soft-bodied robotic systems. We place particular emphasis on the development of fluid-driven actuation mechanisms and multistable structures. These elements are crucial for enabling complex locomotion and facilitating dynamic interactions with the environment.