Our Research

Our research focuses on the interaction between fluid mechanics at small Reynolds numbers and elastic structures. Viscous flow within an elastic solid applies pressure and shear stresses on the interface between the solid and fluid and creates stress-field and deformation-field within the solid. Our research group is investigating the use of viscous flows within elastic bodies as a tool to create controlled deformation, with complex structure in space and time, of elastic bodies. We also study the use of internal flows as a tool to improve the effective stiffness of elastic structures by creating an internal stress-field to oppose the stress-field generated by an external load. The research is of importance to a variety of research areas such as soft robotics, medical applications, micro-aerial vehicles, robotic swimmers, micro-machines and more. The focus of our research is dedicated to theoretical studies, while numerical and experimental studies are used to validate and supplementĀ the theoretical results.

Overview of previous and existing research directions (press on title/pictures for more information)

Dynamics of elastic beams with embedded fluid-filled parallel-channel networks


Dynamics of Viscous Liquid within a Closed Elastic Cylinder Subject to External Forces with Application to Soft-Robotics


Dynamics of solid bodies connected by a liquid bridge

Elasto-capillary coalescence of multiple parallel sheets

Wicking of a liquid bridge connected to a moving porous surface

Analysis and optimization of complex micro-channel networks